“My name is Tina and I just wanted to tell you a little about the Language and Learning Center. My girls have been going to the center for almost four months. I wanted them to get caught up with the rest of their class. I have always wanted my children to be able to go to college and have a better job than I do. LLC tested the girls to see what they needed to become better students. I can’t tell you how much they hit the nail right on the head. They could describe my girls, as if they had known them from birth and then we set the goals that they needed to overcome their learning difficulties. They have made the process fun and [have] become some of the girl’s best friends. I couldn’t say enough to explain how well the girls have done since they started in the program. Just since school has started, they have been doing homework on their own and their grades have become A’s and B’s instead of C’s and D’s. They have more self confidence now than ever before! The staff at LLC really cares about our children. If you have any questions about LLC, please feel free to contact me. LLC has my email address and I will talk to anyone about the benefits of sending your child for this program. It is no quick fix, but what you see happening for your children within the first few weeks of school is enough to sell you on this program. I love these teachers for caring for my girls like they have. I don’t think my children would have had a chance to succeed in college without them. Don’t wait. Do this for your peace of mind and to help your child. You will be glad that you did.”

- Tina

“At the Language and Learning Center the caring staff provides a special place for my son to learn. What a blessing the center is in our lives!”

- Alicia

“I can read!!”

- O’Dellon, age 11

“I like to come here and learn. I like your teaching, too.”

- Kendra, age 10

“They give me cake on my birthday; that gets an A+”

- Brittany, age 13